A Great Sinner



30 min - 1000 dhs ( shower,peep show,sex)

60 min - 1500 dhs ( shower,peep show,sex,classic massage)
90 min - 2000 dhs  ( shower,peep show, sex, classic massage, erotic massage) 


The program for the most discerning guests. A storm of emotions of passion in the performance of a playful kitty! Beautiful stranger will show You candid peep show. In Your eyes the girl caress itself and driven to ecstasy with the use of erotic toys. Immerse yourself in a world of unbridled eroticism!




The program includes: 

1.Shower with the girl before and after
2.Peep show ( girl masturbates in front of a man)
3.Sex in different positions
4.Classic massage with oils