Erotic MIX


 2 hours - 2500 dhs

hours - 3500 dhs

The program includes:


This program is for the brave and self-confident men who are ready to spend with the girl 2-3 hours and get maximum of pleasure in this time. The director of the program is you. Girl will accept your requests and fulfill them, bringing you enormous pleasure.



To prepare the body to get pleasure over and over again and to meet with the main actress of your theatre closer you should begin mix program in the shower. Gentle hands the girl will be able to help you to relax and will removed cargo of daily worries from your shoulders.

Relaxation program is not finished. After Thai massage foot massage will be. During the procedure, the gentle touch of the hands of the girl will immerse you in a state of bliss, from which you will be withdrown to a massage the buttocks, which takes you to the summit of pleasure. Now, after your body is cleansed and relaxed, you are full of energy for new challenges, you can go to a hot numbers MIXX program.

Erotic massage without oil, and using talc is a deli platter, the acuteness of which can be assessed only true experts pleasures. Girl's hot kisses can be replaced by an icy breath, it shocks and excites at the same time. Orgasm will not make you wait long. Do not hesitate to kiss the body of the girl who will give you so much pleasure.

For thrill-seekers

For fans of the thrills, our girls will make you a massage lingam. It is an ancient Hindu ceremony. The purpose of it is to obtain pleasure, with a force which is little that can compare in this life. You will complete the liberation of the soul from its worries. The massage involves the most erotic part of your body: penis and testicles, which the girl will caress with the sounds of soothing music.

Full ecstasy

Slow movement of the arms of the girl and a large amount of oil more than once will bring you to a state of complete ecstasy, after which you will understand, that you have not known a lot about themselves, or about your body. Complete MIXX program can be finished with a cup of tea in the company of a great masseuse. She will brighten up the sad moment of parting with a beauty, but you can always return these feelings, returning.

All inclusive

Shower with girl,sport massage, face massage, body to body massage, massage lingamo, massage prostate, handjob, striptise, kissing, GFE, intercourse,

BJ, unlimited relaxation...