Time: 35 minutes

Price: 1000 dhs 

 The program includes:

1. Shower with Girl

2. Erotic massage (one relaxation)

There are not minuses in Thai erotic massage, that’s why for thousands of years people use it to achieve pleasure. The program is carried out not only with hands, but also the whole body. Touching of elastic women's bodies gives you unusual sensations and combines therapeutic effect with a huge dose of pleasure.

Beautiful naked girl begins to fondle your body with breasts, abdomen and buttocks. It looks as a sexual teasing game. Weasels give the intoxicating sophistication to program, and your body's sensitivity is exacerbated to the limit. But the end of this action is delayed as much as possible. And as longer it is going on, the culmination will be the sharper and brighter. 

The program includes only a tantric massage without intercourse.