Lets Play (with two girls)

Do you want to cheer up and get vivid sensations?  The game is always sexy, exciting and very fun.  Come! We invite you to another world ! We will go together for different reality! let's play 😋🎭 



 MOOD: TENDER/ PASSION - say me its your choice


Price :


60 min - 2500 dhs

90 min - 3200 dhs 

120 min - 3800 dhs




The program includes : 2 girls, 2 shots.


Meetting the guest in the room in a role - playng costume of your choice ,its  governess , teachers,GFS theater ( dresses,stockings, masks ) undressing girls with guest, undressing a guest by girls.

1. Washing of the body
2. Tantric massage(the first shot)
3. Classic massage
4. Intercourse with two girls (the second shot)

5. Relaxation