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"Power of Shaman"

Eva's individual program

This program based on really practices refreshing of shamans.


When Eva lived in Goa she met with two shaman’s wifes and they teach her.

After ceremony Shaman loses his power and he must be refresh . Of corse this do his wife - Woman’s power it’s very strong and if she applies this right way - She makes magic , and  can make men successful ,mighty and healthy ,and also the most important thing here - it’s to be chaste to get and keep this power ,

So it’s program only with tantra

(no penetration) .

Every stage important and sacred on this program.

This gives you new good vibes ,right energetic ,delete obstacles and open your ways 🙏


You must just totally relax ,don’t think about anything and just trust Eva

The program includes:

1) Milk bath (it has long been known that milk washes away all the negative)

2) Fumigation by the sacred shaman three of Palo Santo to open the success fate and happiness
3) Sensual tactile erotica (awakening of erogenous zones, oil massage technique, imitation of oral caresses and erotic positions)
4) Classic massage: kneading and stretching techniques, with stones and oranges.
5) On your choice :

Facial massage with herbal and head massage or second shot.


The program includes only a tantric massage without intercourse.

Price :

80 min - 1500 dhs (+200 dhs for oral date)