Kind of Massage

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Other numbers are fake, please be careful and don't fall for scammers

Double Pleasure

Simple love..

Erotic MIX

Power of shaman



Oral Date

Classic body relaxation 


1200 dhs 

1400 dhs

1500 dhs

1500 dhs

2500 dhs

1500 dhs

2500 dhs

Breakfast of Champions

1400 dhs

1500 dhs

1500 dhs

Role Play :

Depraved a Theacher

Lesbians peep-show

3000 dhs 

600 dhs

Aqua Relax


1000 dhs

A Great Sinner

1500 dhs

The Predator is resting

Heading 1

1400 dhs


2500 dhs

Lesson of love

1500 dhs