Sultan (with two girls)

East is a delicate matter. ... And oriental men are experts in women, and in pleasure! That's why, for you, O my lord, I made a special reception. You will be met by two delightful girls and they will undress you and each other in dancing. After we will go to the shower for bathing and enjoying the first of our abilities. We will give you pleasure by touching our bodies and letting to caress ourselves. But the apogee of our game will be tenderness, kisses and caresses between girls, which you will be able to watch and you will be in the center of this erotic game. You will be surprised from erotic compliments and it will lift your sense of own masculinity. We will make your tired body peppy with nice water jets and will give a new impetus to the forces. Obedient harem will wait our sultan again and again !

Price :


60 min - 2500 dhs

90 min - 3200 dhs 

The program includes : 2 girls, 2 shots.

Meetting the guest in the room in underwear, undressing girls with guest, undressing a guest by girls.

1. Washing of the body
2. Tantric massage(the first shot)
3. Classic massage
4. Intercourse with two girls (the second shot)

5. Relaxation