The program includes:

1. Shower with Girl

2. Classic massage with oil

3. The erotic massage with erotic toys

   4. Prostate massage with toys, strapon or finger.

After a relaxing shower a temptress will lay you on the mat. She will surround you by scented candles and oils, as well as the sounds of relaxing music. The touch of her fingers to your skin will rise you from the ground and send to a state of mild soaring , where you will be accompanied by a masseuse touch. Feet, legs, fingers, buttocks - nothing will be missing her skillful hands, what know how to please a man.

The girl will use sex toys during the massage intimate areas to further inflame your imagination and lead to the very climax, ending extravaganza. Now you know what is the pleasure, and you know who can bring it to you and fill your body with strength and energy.
But the culmination is onwards, you are waited for a lingam massage and prostate. These procedures have not only a stable excitatory effect, but also health effect. Your body will tremble under the hands of girls, who will caress your penis. Aromatic oils will give more softness to her touch. Lingam massage is an ancient ritual. It is carried out to deliver an incredible pleasure to a man and purify his organism .
Prostate massage, at your request, can be done superficially or with penetration. True connoisseurs of this procedure prefer the second option, as the thrill of it can not be compared with any available pleasure on Earth. 

The meeting will take place in the shower, where her gentle hands and aromatic foam will help you to relax and forget about troubles. The girl works specifically to disconnect you from the daily hustle and bustle and get maximum pleasure.

Price : 60 min 1500 dhs

           90 min 2000 dhs